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Mysterious Water Zone by LunaAngelLynx Mysterious Water Zone by LunaAngelLynx
Yokay... I hope you don't have a short attention span, because there is a lot on this description (I apologize).

I had trouble putting the image in my head on to paper. So hopefully I can explain this environment and its design..?

Right off, I tell you this environment is part of a space ship that belongs to a villain. With its colour scheme, probably Purge's new secret base? Who knows... it may belong to a third villain... (Part 3, Three villains... maybe). I'll talk about the colour scheme later. I'm going to talk about my mishaps first.

Ok. You notice that the ship is a bit flat when looking out the windows? That's mostly my fault... I forgot to add dimension to the windows... but this ship is supposed to be invisible, so it could work?

When I was drawing this I was going to add some retro circle chairs, like this was a pool hang out, and some anti gravity water droplets... I wasn't sure how to add those in, because I'm that very good with paint, so I did these odd flower things on the side. I'll explain those later... I also had trouble drawing the water waves in the pool, and the reflecting water on the walls. And if you are wondering what's on the ceiling... the big piece on the center is a huge crystal chandelier and the four outer ones are static spheres...

Now to explain the stage.

The idea of this environment is to make the player feel relaxed at the same time a bit on the edge... The relaxing parts are; the water, the snow covered planet, the beautiful stars outside, the crystal chandelier... if this was an actual environment in the game, music would be calming. The un-calming parts would be the red within the stage, the static spheres, the dark lighting, the flowers, and space (makes some people a bit wary). When the player is attacked, the music will become fast pace.

The stage changes hue depending on who's in the stage. Let's say Purge is the owner of this ship. When he enters, the stage will take on a blue-violet hue, making it more relaxing and letting know the player is safe. When an intruder like Ulala enters, the place will take on a red-violet hue like we see here, alerting the player they are not safe. The flowers will release chu beams along with the static spheres. If the chandelier drops down, a mysterious dancer will be revealed (Can you tell I'm just making this up on the spot? I forgot what I was going to put down...) that will give out the directions/dance moves the intruder must copy. Basically this stage acts like a security system.

When I was thinking of the colour scheme I was thinking of Purge's Dancing Suit, how the mirrors are meant for confusing his dancing opponent... well this is basically the same idea. I was thinking how blue is calm/relaxed while red is rage/energy. Violet is in the middle making it neutral-ish... close to blue so is a bit of a calming colour. As you can see here with it being the intruder version, red is really present, adding rage/energy. But with the violet and how blue it still is, it adds calmness which is supposed to mix up the intruder, at least that's the idea...

That's basically the idea of this stage... I can't think of anymore, at least anything I have forgotten.

If you wondering what that planet is, it's Pluto (it's still a planet to me). I picture Pluto being a ski resort in the future. :3

Forgive any mistakes or if this is confusing... I'll fix it if I need to. Also forgive me for the lack of clarity and grooviness in this... like I said, it was hard to put what was in my mind on paper.

I'm going to go ahead and put down my opinion of what the game play should be if SEGA was to make a Space Channel 5 part 3...

I definitely say they should take advantage of the Wii and the Kinect and make it a moving game like Dance Central; only instead of mirroring what the character does, you watch what your rival does then copy it. There should also be a classic mode where you play the story with the control like in past games (with the original up, right, left, down, chu, hey commands). Both Move it and Classic modes will have the same story, just different game play.

Another thing that I think the game should have is different story modes for different characters like in Sonic Adventure. Ulala, keeping her the main focus, will have the longest story separated in two parts. Jaguar, Purge, Pudding, and maybe a couple other main characters will have their own stories as well... Each character will have their own wardrobe and information on different characters. The reason is why I want this, is.. well.. wouldn't you guys want to play Purge as just Purge, instead of Ulala being dressed as him? Just play Purge as just himself with his own voice and his own dance moves, instead of him having a female voice and Ulala's dance moves...

For SC5 Designer Contest: [link]

I might switch this... but I doubt I'll get anything else done by the deadline to switch this. Mostly because spirit week is over and I'm going to be busy... Graduation is close...

Acrylic Paint/Water Colour

Lightning Brush (To fix the static in the spheres) : [link]

Sonic Battle font: [link]
CruelComediette Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Great! I didn't expect an environment to be designed at all XD Awesome job and I'm glad you thought it out so much!
LunaAngelLynx Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :aww:
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